Traditional recipes

Easy homemade pickle

– Other veg that would work a treat are broccoli (including the stalk), celery, French beans, mangetout, artichokes and asparagus.
– When it comes to herbs, try rosemary, bay, tarragon, fennel or marjoram.
– On the spice front, cardamom, fennel or cumin seeds, dried chilli or saffron are all a delight.
– You can also include other fragrant ingredients in the mix, such as garlic, fresh chilli or ginger, turmeric or horseradish.

– You can double or treble the quantities of the pickling liquid, depending on what you have left over and how big your jar is – feel free to make it your own.
– To sterilise your jar, simply boil it with the lid and any utensils you’re going to use to fill the jar, for 15 minutes, making sure not to use any unsterile items until after you’ve sealed the jar.
– Watch out for red or purple veg like beets and red cabbage – they’re delicious, but tend to turn everything else in the jar pink, so I like to keep them in their own pink little world.

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