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Homemade chicken soup with dumplings - recipe from Grandma

Wash the chicken very well, leave it in cold water. Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into 4 or 2 pieces. Cut the squash into small pieces. . The soup is boiled over low heat. Meanwhile, make the dumplings, which are boiled in salted water separately.

Before taking the soup off the heat, add salt to taste.

Turn off the heat and pour a cup of cold water to clear. Leave the soup under the lid without moving the pot for about 20 minutes, then carefully strain it through a sieve, remove the meat and vegetables in a separate bowl from the soup.

Serve with green parsley.

5 hot soups for cold winter days

For the juice I used the skin and bone with a little meat on it from a chicken breast from which I had made some slices. I boiled that bone and the piece of skin, as it was found, in water with a little salt. I frothed when it started to boil, then I let it boil over low heat, with the lid on, for about 20 minutes.

For dumplings, which on other occasions turned out to be a bit hard for me, I glanced at Sanda Marin and made them exactly according to the directions there. I mean I used an egg, a tablespoon of butter, a little salt and a few tablespoons of semolina.

I made them like this: I beat the egg well with a fork then I put a pinch of salt and I mixed it with butter and a spoonful of semolina until the composition was homogenous. After that I poured semolina until it resulted in a thick cream that did not flow from the spoon. I think there were about 4-5 tablespoons of semolina in total, maybe even better.

I took a little of the composition, about the size of a teaspoon, and poured it into the boiling soup, after removing the bone and chicken skin on a plate, which I put back, just for taste, after the dumplings had boiled.

The dumplings thus formed are taken to the bottom of the pot, where they boil for about 10-15 minutes, swell by doubling their volume, and rise to the surface.

In the meantime, I added some more Delikat, although this time I would have liked to have in the house roots cut finely and dried by me, without other dusts.

When all the dumplings are on the surface of the soup, you can try them with a fork: if they are very soft, you can put the chopped greens and turn off the heat from the stove. If they are not yet completely soft, let them boil for a few more minutes.

Chicken soup with tomatoes and dumplings

Towards autumn, but also at the beginning of May, when the hens change, the hives bring to the market hens from those that were left on the tang and no longer eggs. As they do not want to overwinter or fill their gizzards with corn and / or wheat grains, without taking advantage of their fresh eggs, the chickens are slaughtered. Full of fat, with a yellow-orange color, large at 3-4 Kg / piece, even if they can only be cooked by boiling so as not to be the meaty meat, these birds are my favorites and they lurk in the market, buying without hesitation.

Such chickens can also be found in stores with organic products, but it seems that the dishes obtained are not as tasty as those in chickens bought on the market.

Cutting the chicken bought from precupete is mandatory! The purchased hen is ready cleaned of feathers and mats, it is already parched, it has all the entrails inside and the price doesn't even fit in your pocket, 15 lei / Kg. All you have to do is slice the chicken and take it out separately: wings for food, back and tart for soups / soups, legs for stewed steaks, breast for rolls and / or steaks with sauce, entrails for stew or soups. The fat is carefully collected and a wonderful poultry lard is used as an addition, for a special taste, to vegetable soups and broths.

Ingredients needed in the recipe: chicken back, tartita, pipota and chicken heart, wing tips, root (carrot, parsnip, celery, parsley), onion, greens (dill and parsley), bell pepper, tomatoes / tomato juice, semolina, chicken eggs , coarse salt, peppercorns.

The meat is boiled in cold water and the foam formed with a skimmer is collected (most of the time, as the chicken is raised in the corn of the house, you don't have any foam to collect).

When the water with meat has boiled and after the eventual formed foam is gathered, the whole vegetables are boiled, and they will be cut after boiling, before serving the soup in a plate.

I can't give such advice that I don't believe in! During cooking, the fat in the meat will gather on the surface of the soup, forming a yellow-orange layer. I have seen how some nutritionists and even cooks (in my opinion, only cooks by name) recommend squeezing fat with a spoon and throwing it away (God forbid) and even its total absorption by passing sheets of absorbent paper on the cooled surface of soup. I remember the doctor from my childhood advising my mother to give us, the children, melted bird lard, spread on toast, with a little salt, so as not to catch a cold in the cold season and beyond. We ran through the snow of 1 m, during the big day, we ate a bread with bird lard at 4 in the afternoon and we didn't cough, we didn't catch a cold, we never had a temperature or a red throat.

Break 2 chicken eggs and sift the semolina. Add powdered peppercorns, freshly ground.

Why sift semolina through a fine sieve? Sifting can be done through a strainer used in tea. The semolina bought from the market and not only semolina but also flour, rice, breadcrumbs can have all kinds of gangan eggs or even gangani, as they will not check the traders who pack them what the producers sell them, their profit would decrease and so huge.

Beat the eggs with a fork or fork and gradually incorporate the semolina until the mixture becomes a paste that flows easily from the fork / fork.

When the mixture has the desired consistency, take it with a teaspoon of the mixture and put it in boiling soup.

When all the dumplings have been put in the soup, continue to boil the soup over a suitable heat.

When the dumplings are cooked, they rise to the surface of the soup.

How do you stop boiling dumplings for now? Add in the soup, a little cold water, to stop the boiling of the dumplings and so that they do not become dusty.

The dumplings are expected to come out completely, on the surface of the soup.

In the soup add tomato juice as my wife does and / or fresh juice made from peeled tomatoes given on a large grater. Continue boiling the soup over low heat.

Prepare the greens for the soup, cut larger.

Add the greens to the tomato soup with dumplings and leave the pot with the lid on for a few minutes.

The soup is served hot with fresh greens, sprinkled on top.

Even if it's hot outside, go for a cup of cold brandy to whet your appetite. Crafty gourmets will definitely approve of me.

Good appetite you gourmet brothers and you gourmet brothers everywhere, wherever you are in the world! Do not hesitate, to prepare / buy whenever you have the opportunity, a fresh chicken, cut from the yard, the fatter the better, because you have something to make poultry lard and all your dishes, further prepared , will have the wonderful taste of the dishes & # 8220ca at home mom & # 8221.

We clean the vegetables and boil them in 3 l of water together with the chicken breast and bones (from grandma), salt, peppercorns and bay leaves.

Simmer for 2 hours or until chicken is cooked through.

I always use the pressure cooker for this soup because the chicken meat boils quickly in approx. 30 minutes.

Remove the meat and vegetables, strain the soup, put it back to boil over low heat and add more salt to taste.

Beat eggs well with salt and oil, then pour in the rain a tablespoon of semolina, stirring constantly so as not to make lumps.

We need to get a paste that does not flow easily, but stays on the spoon.

Let the mixture rest for 10 minutes before forming the dumplings.

When the soup boils, reduce the heat to a minimum, and with a damp spoon we take about half a spoon from the semolina mixture and let it go easily in the soup.

Form all the dumplings, put the lid on the pot and let them boil, also over low heat, for 10 minutes.

Turn off the heat and leave the soup covered for another 10 minutes so that the dumplings become fluffy.

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