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Strawberry dessert

Strawberries are cut into pieces and put with sugar to leave syrup. We keep a few for decoration.

Prepare the composition for the roll sheet. In fact, these are huge pancakes, baked in a grill pan (square in shape).

Mix all the ingredients. We will have to obtain a slightly thicker composition than for ordinary pancakes, but a little thinner than the one for waffles. Leave it in the fridge for an hour.

We grease the pan with very little oil, using a silicone brush. We bake thicker pancakes. The composition is quite "delicate" and a bit difficult to return to this size. So the first one broke and I only have three left. pieces.

It's not a bathroom, I just had to taste to see if it's good… ..

Dissolve the starch with the strawberry syrup, then mix the starch in the whole composition. Put everything in a pan on the fire and mix until it thickens. Let the jelly cool.

Mix the mascarpone cream, then incorporate the strawberry jelly, mixing with a spoon to keep the pieces of fruit whole.

Spread the pancake sheets (I added them both in length and width, if you want a thicker roll you can only add them in width), place the strawberry cream on top and roll.

Garnish with whipped cream and strawberries and leave in the fridge until the cream hardens and can be cut.

As you can see, I used very little sugar and the taste was perfect.